Fikrat Mashadi Jamil oglu Amirov


     When we listen to Fikret Amirovís multi-coloured music, the charming nature of Azerbaijan, its sated fantastic world, motley, reviving patterns of our carpets appear at us in all their beauty. He loved very much music, history, literature. Being 10 years old he perfectly played tar and acted at concerts. His boundless interest to national music, arisen from the childhood, has led him up to the end of his days. It has influenced all his composing activity. He has inherited subtleties of the Azerbaijan national music and secrets of playing on our national tool - tar - from his father, a well known composer - Mashadi Djamil Amirov, who played masterly on this tool.
Maktab illari
In 1939 F.Amirov enters the Azerbaijan State Conservatory on the faculty of composing. His talent was highly estimated by the outstanding composer Uzeir Gadjibekov, who has rendered a special influence on his education. Being a student the young composer wrote variations and preludes for a piano, two musical comedies and other works.
Fikret participated in WW2, where he received a heavy wound in fights under Voronezh; after recovery, having demobilised from army, he returned in native Baku and continues his education in the conservatory.

In 1948 he finishes the Azerbaijan State Conservatory. F.Amirovís creativity covers the diversified genres of musical art. His operas, operettas and ballet have got popularity from the music fans and amateurs of symphonic music. Symphonic mugams "Shur" and " Kurd ovshari " created by F.Amirov are executed with constant success in the most known concert interiors of the world.
    In 1953 the composer writes an opera "Sevil", devoted to freedom of the Azerbaijan women. This opera occupies an outstanding place among modern operas. The product involuntarily concentrates attention on perfect melodies close to national spirit.
    F.Amirov - author of many known songs. He has written music to a plenty of drama performances and films. During his last years of life F.Amirov gives a special attention to art of ballet.
    In 1973 he wrote ballet "Nasimi dastani ", in 1979 - ballet on motives of known east fairy tales "One thousand and one night ". This ballet has won huge glory. F.Amirovís last large work - ballet "Nizami".
I.Guliyeva, S.Rzayev, F.Amirov  
     The role of our great composer F.Amirov in development of Azerbaijan and other east peoples music is huge. He is awarded with a rank of the Hero of Socialist Work, State premium of Azerbaijan Republic, premium of Lenin Comsomol, two Lenin awards , two awards of a Red Labour Banner. F.Amirov was repeatedly selected deputy in Supreme Council of Azerbaijan Republic and USSR. He was the secretary of the Azerbaijan Union of the Composers, Union of the Composers of USSR, honourable member of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan Republic.

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