Present Days

The Building of Executive Authority         After Azerbaijan gained independence, Ganja as well as all of the country experienced not so easy times. The happened events have not left the citizens as indifferent spectators. Every Ganjali taken separately as well as the whole city repeatedly influenced current of the basic events of Azerbaijan.
      In spite of the fact that today concentration of the investments is in Baku and Ganja is non-comparable with the capital, the town as well as always in the history of Azerbaijan occupies one of the conducting positions almost in all spheres. The changes pleasing one's eyes and installing hope in souls of the citizens gradually occur in Ganja . The prospectuses and streets, areas and the avenues of Ganja return to themselves their beauty lost as a result of thoughtless building of boothes and shops. The submission of gas is renewed in all areas of the city.
Joint Stock Commercial Bank 'Ganjabank'      At the expense of development of private sector and the realizations of a privatization new workplaces are open. Having large intelectual, personnel and scientific potential Ganja became the place attractive to business circles. Firms and companies that functioned only in Baku are looking towards regions and especially Ganja. First of all Ganja have mastered branches of conducting banks of the country.
      Today Stock-Commercial Bank "Ganjabank" is the only bank in city (not a branch) that works outside Baku. On the given moment the bank with the central office in the centre of Ganja has one branch "Kapaz". The bank serves about 200 clients, among which are Ganja Factory of Non-ferrous Metals Processing, Ganja Airrepair factory, Carpet Combine, JV "┼lco" and SSL "Shamkir-cognac" also has correspondent accounts with conducting banks of the world, such as "Citibank" USA, "Commerzbank" of Germany, "Unastrum" of Russia, "Roscredit" of Russia, " the International Bank " and "Mostbank" Azerbaijans. The bank has 22 points of exchange in the city.

      Ganja Regional Depatment of National Bank, branches of such banks as "International Bank of Azerbaijan", "Respublika", "Agroprombank", "╠-bank", "Demiryolbank", "Turanbank", "Mostbank", "Atabank" also work in the city.

Ganja Regional Depatment of National Bank       Ganja Regional Depatment of National Bank being a conductor of reforms of National Bank of republic in Ganja region covers Khanlar, Goranboy, Samukh, Dashkesan areas and Naftalan. The private business system accounting and remittances of the former Soviet Union have appeared as a good mechanism in hands of the unscrpulous people, taking billions at the expense of the credits and fictitious 'aviso' from absolutely tiny regional banks. Hearing the word ' Chechen aviso ', 'MFO', becoming attributes of the end 94 beginnings 95 years, when a parity non-cash and cash rouble up to 95 %, i.e. having listed has risen to the firm - intermediary 100 r. You received in cash only 5 roubles (now these figures seem unnatural). The management founded on July 1994 as the zone Accounting-Cash Centre, where each bank has a correspondent account, was barrier arbitrariness in bank sphere of republic. Actually in one year all above-stated illegal operations have got rid themselves.

Ganja filiation of International Bank       It would be desirable to note the activity of the " International Bank ", a winner of "Euromoney" magazine in the "Banks" nomination, which on estimations of the international experts is the most equipped bank of CIS. ;     As it is known banks are reflection of the condition of economy, but the basis of economy is manufacture. As a result of disintegration of the Soviet Union the majority of the industrial enterprises of city, which were of allied scale and constructed with account on the market and raw base of the whole country, has lost both market and raw base. As a consequence such giants as aluminium, porcelain, confectionery, instrument-making, canning,furniture and ferro-concrete factories, factory of processing non-ferrous metals, factory "Billur", beer factory, carpet and textile combines and other enterprises of the city have stopped. It resulted with sharp increase of the level of unemployments and accordingly downturn of a standard of living of the population of city . Many have left city and have set off in capital of republic or in neighbouring countries in searches of work.
    Followed by disintegration of the Soviet Union the periods of anarchy, arbitrariness and lawlessness still more have affected on level of emigration of the capable population of city, some of which even have preferred to become the citizens of other countries finding there application to their abilities and talents. But we hope very much, that Ganjalies never turned away from the native land and, that each of them in depth of soul dreams of returning back in the city, having proved business here, having created workplaces here and to contribute to prosperity of native city.
      " The Life is a wheel of a cart. Ones are lifted upwards, while the others are gone downwards ". And confirming words of Zaratushtra, Ganja having transferred breath after cataclisms (one can't name the happened event in other words) continues following the way begun many centuries ago. Small bakeries, confectionery shops are open, commercial shops have got over from cellars in smart rooms, privatization refueling successfully has passed stations, small enterprises, shops, hotels.
Production of  OTJS company 'Metal-Plastic'     One of vivid examples of development of private sector is Joint-Stock Society of open type "Metal-plastic" being on our opinion as a sample in the field of marketing, organization of manufacture and managements. Controlled by the managers of new generation, the enterprise makes more than 75 names of products, beginning from equipments for education as tables, boards etc., office furniture, uniforms, products of consumer goods from nails (40mm-120mm) up to accumulators (60,100 and 180 amper) and finishing by plastic products of weight from 1 gramme up to 5 kg. The production due to the balanced price policy and powerful marketing never lies too long in warehouses. On the photo at the left is shown only small part from very colourful and informative booklet of the enterprise.
       Factory "Billur" with the industrial area more than hectare and with more than 100 workers, in the Soviet epoch basically specialized on electronics and letting out calculators, electronic games and military production, today lets out TV sets "Mercury" for the sum more than 900 millions manat per year capable to compete with the known marks of the world.
       Instrument-making factory on which more than 700 citizens work, is one of the conducting enterprises of city and makes counters of the gas and water charge and for the sum more than 4 billions manat per one year, the need in which sharp is felt in Baku and which are a product of export not making a concession similar to products of western companies, is strong differs with them in the price.
Industrial Association 'Gil-Torpag' The special mention is worthy former Alluminium factory, and nowadays Industrial Association "Glinozem". This industrial giant constructed in 1976 and extended in 1986 at the expense of delivery in operation of a site of manufacture boxits and designed on manufacture 450 thousand tons of alluminium oksidants, switching 300 thousand tons boxit and 150 thousand tons alunit. By a collateral product manufactures of the specified products were 390 thousand tons sulfat acid and 103 thousand tons calium sulfat. In different times on the enterprise was engaged from 2000 up to 3000 men. In the given time, having lost relations with the suppliers and by the consumers the factory functions only on 5-10 of % from the capacity, finding ways of exit from the usual situation and further development. Deserving attention it is possible to name that fact, that at offices of the enterprise will be carried out repairs,which will allow to not strike in a dirt in front of potential investors and clients, trying to follow the famous proverb " meet by one's clothes... ", and one can't borrow wiseness from the managers of the enterprises.

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