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Present Days

Building of 'Fatoglu' mill     As the example of the direct investments it would be desirable to specify the mill constructed in territory of city by the turkish businessmen . The mill belonging to the company "Fatoglu", began to work in 1999 year having created workplaces for the citizens.
      As against other foreign firms, companies and private persons arrived for business city and opening here such services as cafe, shops, confectionery shops, this company has enclosed large (!!!) sum of construction of such majestic building of a mill, modernity, adequate to the high standards. After the mill started to work, the prices for flour, hitherto controllable by the importers, decreased in the local market.

OTJS company 'Ganja-Furniture'       The open type joint-stock company "Ganja-furniture" was founded in the summer of 1998 during realization of the first stage of a privatization in Azerbaijan. 72 % of the shares of joint-stock company belongs to the private persons, and 28 % -to the state . The territory of the enterprise located in city centre makes more than 4,5 hectare. The property of the company are electrical substation, railway branch, boiler, chink, shops in city and regional centres, warehouses , the restaurant, offices (under rent), a new shopping center is under construction. Enterprise makes furniture of several kinds, door and window from valuable breeds of a tree by order. For two years having restored industrial shops, the joint-stock company now is in search of the partners and markets selling.

      In the field of food-processing industry, such giants as meatprocessing factory and milk factory of the Stock Venture "Meat - milk", StocK Venture "Confectionery", Stock Venture "Ganja-Sharab-1" and Stock Venture "Ganja-Sharab-2", constructed with account on Soviet the market in now work only on 5-10 of % of scheduled capacity. The Azerbaijan-German joint venture "Korund" now lets out 5 grades grape fault, such as "Nazli", "Naz-Naz", "Medreseli", "Sari" and "Garagila". The release makes about 100 thousand dekalitres per year.

Production of 'RDR' company      On change of the enterprises of a food-processing industry of huge capacity and accordingly planned on the huge market of former Soviet Union gradually come small and more mobile organizations capable to react instantly on change of a situation in the market. It is possible to relate small bakeries, confectionery mini-shops and shops on release of cooling drinks, mini-farms and firms specializing in this area to such organizations.
      Especially it would be desirable to note firm "RDR", which specializes in area of can making. The firm produces ecologically pure products of the fruits from mountain areas of Azerbaijan. Nut jam, petals roses, apricots, fig fruit, apricot and fig fruit jam and kizil compote - list of products of firm, which began to manufacture production since May of 2000 year. As you see, every bank is made out brightly and with taste, especially emphasizing remarkable flavouring qualities of contents. Remarkable fact is that firm has bar code necessary for progress of any production in the modern market.
House of celebrations 'Kur-Khazar'
         By way of management on the coming months - release of a new kind of jam from a quince, quince and apple jams, juices from pomegranate and dogrose. The release of cucumbers pickle, tomatoes pickle, olive and eggplant caviar is planned.
      New restaurants and houses of celebrations are constructed in the city, where wedding ceremonies, presentations and receptions will be carried out. The "Planet" and "Kur-Khazar" restaurants, constructed in the last year, are the places of highest service in this area.
      Ganja is considered as one of the basic centres of a scientific idea and education of the country, now it is the second city of science and education after Baku. Four state and two private higher educational institutions function in the city with 24.000 students and more than 2.800 teachers, among which 99 doctors of sciences, 44 candidates for the degree of doctors of sciences, 584 senior lecturers.
      First of above named to be specified is the oldest educational institution of the country - Azerbaijan State Agricultural Academy with 45 faculties, 8 faculties and 24 specialities. ASAA was and remains the "staff-maker for other higher schools of city and country. Today here work 1199 teachers from which 28 doctors of sciences, 3 candidates of sciences, 229 senior lecturers.
      Ganja State University (until recently The Pedagogical Institute) has 22 specialities in 26 faculties. The other state higher educution institutions are Azerbaijan State Technological University (29 faculties, 24 Specialities) and Ganja branch of the Azerbaijan Institute of the teachers.
     Two private institutions of the city - Ganja University named after Nizami Ganjavi and The Azerbaijan Institute of AgroEcology - are one of first private educational Institutions of city.
    The secondary special education in our city is submitted by five colleges among which Ganja State Humanitarian College, Technical college, Agricultural technical school, Musical technical school named after G.Guseynli and Medical School named after G.Gurbanov founded in 1931.
Director of school 4 - Chingiz Askerov    In 40 high schools and three boarding schools of city 4.360 teachers train more than 44.610 schoolboys.
    Among high schools especially it would be desirable to note school 4 named after Mekhti Mekhtizade with the profound study of English - member of Association of schools of UNESCO. The school is the Center of secondary education from the large letter, ruled by the Honourable Teacher of Republic and winner of the award " Mark Honours " Asker (Chingiz) Alekperovich Askerov for more than 37 years. The graduates of this school can be distinguished with advanced intellect, skill to think logically, feeling own advantages, progress in higher institutions, professionalism, good career, successful interest to business and with a custom question of a foreigner " Are you the graduate of school 4? ". So at equal chances it is more at the graduate of school 4.
    The graduates of this school are well-known and dear persons of the city and of the republic. They are the members of government, deputies, teachers of high schools, scientific the workers, director of banks, factories, factories, interpreters, engineers, businessmen.
       The plenty of the graduates of school suffices work in the sphere of public health services. There 40 medical establishments in Ganja, 22 of which work are out-patient - ambulatoric and 8 - stationary. This list is added with 8 specialized dispansers - cardiological, narcological, pulmonological, psychoneurological, oncological, ambula-sports, skin-venerological and endocriological. The population of city also receive medical services from 6 polyclinics, five of which are numbered (i.e. first, second...)and the last one is at the hospital named after Abbas Sakhat.
       The largest hospital of city is the hospital of emergency aid named after the academician Zulfugar Mamedov with 475 places, the largest polyclinic is the polyclinic 2 serving more than 51.000 people, that is approximately equal to 1/5 of the adult population of city.
       Now more than 1040 doctors from which 26 candidates and two doctors of sciences, 86 doctors of maximum category are engaged in the sphere of public health services. The rest of more than 5.000 workers of the public health services are secondary medical personnel (2360 men) and technical personnel (drivers, security guards, cleaners and others.)

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